Santa Express comes to Chaddock

The Santa Express rolled into Chaddock Wednesday morning.

For the last 15 years, as many as 19 United Methodist Churches across the state of Illinois have gathered toy donations for Chaddock.

Those toys all arrived at the Quincy campus thanks to volunteers who drive across the state to pick them up.

The toys are handed out to about 200 kids who are either in the Chaddock school program, residential program or foster care program.

"Our kids have had some really hard experience at Christmases in the past. It really helps them understand that there are people all throughout the state who care about them and want them to have a good Christmas. So it's a great opportunity for them to have a joyous experience and focus on the support they have throughout the state, says Debbie Reed, the President and CEO of Chaddock."

Volunteers will take the next few days to sort and wrap the gifts, then they will be handed out to the kids at holiday parties.