Salvation Army Macomb celebrates 125 years, faces uncertain future

Captain Allen Otto says the Army's long history in Macomb may come to an end soon.

One hundred and twenty five years is a long time of service for the Macomb Salvation Army.

"I try to put it in context for people how long that is ... we were here before the Chicago Cubs were the Chicago Cubs, we were here before the Cardinals were here, the Saint Louis Cardinals, put it in perspective, it's before World War II, before World War I," Captain Allen Otto of the Salvation Army Macomb said.

Captain Allen Otto says the Army's long history in Macomb may come to an end soon.

"I don't beat around the bush and I am honest with everybody, if somebody in this community doesn't come forward and sell us a piece of land or donate us a piece of land or we get a building, I have to make a recommendation of either trying continue doing this building, which I will not, or I make the recommendation to close it, which I will," Captain Otto said.

The Salvation Army has worked out of this building for 80 years. It is not handicap accessible, and the captain says it's too small.

We asked Mayor Mike Inman about the possibility of the Salvation Army leaving Macomb.

"Obviously we're concerned about charitable organizations providing services to the community that otherwise wouldn't be provided, so we would take that as an indication, where did we drop the ball, what could we, should have done," Mayor Inman said.

Captain Otto reiterates a new home for the Salvation Army doesn't have to be a new building.

"Because we are really good at taking somebody else's things that they've out used or not, don't need anymore and use it in a different way, to help make the community better," Captain Otto said.

Captain Otto said a recommendation to close or not will come in the next six months.

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