Salvation Army breaks ground on new emergency shelter

The Quincy Salvation Army broke ground on its latest facility Monday, and clients couldn't be happier about the consolidation.

"You never know when disaster is going to strike and I'm living proof that you can survive it but you need help to get through," said Angie Lockwood.

Lockwood has used the Salvation Army's Emergency Shelter twice before. The current building is located on Quincy University's North Campus, far away from the Salvation Army's other facilities like the Kroc Center and The Family Services Center but that's all about to change.

"We're closer, we're more cohesive," said Heidi Prather, Salvation Army Emergency Shelter director. "We'll be so close to the building so that our residents can utilize the Kroc Center services. We need to be here."

The Salvation Army will begin construction on a new emergency shelter and family services building on 5th and Broadway. The facility will be located at the site of the old Inman Frame and Gallery, right across the street from the new Kroc Center.

"This means the ability to provide efficient compliant service in a single location for our community," said Major Dan Jennings, Quincy Salvation Army. "So all of our services are consolidated now in a very small campus like area."

The old Inman building will be renovated along with the construction of an addition. The project is expected to take about a year to complete and cost $2.2 million.

"So we've got about $2 million raised,"said Major Jennings. "We got to raise another 10 percent of that before it's completely funded."

The new shelter will be able to house 14 people and Salvation Army clients and employees are counting down the days till the funds are raised and the new facility is opened.

"I can't wait to move and I'm so excited," said Prather.