Salvaging Illinois roadkill?

New laws

have taken affect in Illinois in 2012 ... and one of them has been coined the "roadkill bill."

It may sound gross to the average person, but this law allows anyone with an Illinois furbearer license to salvage pelts and even meat from animals that lost the battle with traffic on Illinois roadways.

Rep. Norine Hammond (R) pushed for the law to be passed. The Huffington Post reports that "Hammond said it was an opportunity for some people to make a little money, and could benefit the state by letting citizens carry out the task once relegated to state highway crews."

The bill became law after the General Assembly overrode a veto by Gov. Pat Quinn. Quinn felt that motorists would be at risk along the highway harvesting the "goods."

Illinois is not the first state to make such a thing legal. At least 14 other states have roadkill laws and others are looking to pass similar measures.

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