Saint Francis Solanus plans for new parish center

Saint Francis Solanus Church and school kicked off a capital campaign to raise funding for a new project. The project will create a new parish center in the courtyard on the corner of 17th Street and Elm.

Father Don Blaeser is a pastor at the church. Blaeser said they will raise funds through a multi-tiered approach. They will first reach out to the generous donors. They will then host a number of events and parties looking to put funds gathered toward the new center.

Blaeser said that the new center is something this church needed for a while. This addition will add space for church organizations to meet. Currently, there are issues with space. Some organizations are forced to meet within the school which leaves the doors open to the public. Blaeser found this to be a threat to the security of the school and feels that the new addition will boost security.

The project is expected to take three years and cost around two-point-nine million dollars.