Safety and savings from your tire light

There are several ways to save some green at the pump.

It turns out your tire light is your best friend, not only in saving money, but in keeping your family safe.

Mark Kuhlmeier has been working under car hoods for more than 35 years as the owner of Kulhy's Import Specialists in Quincy. He says don't ignore your tire light. If it comes on, check the tire pressure. If it doesn't go off, the high-tech sensor in your tires could be warning you of another problem.

Kuhlmeier said, "It not only measures the pressure, it's also measuring the temperature. If that temperature is getting hot, it could possibly come apart on the road. The system also has a calibration and measures the circumference of that tire. If that tire is starting to separate, naturally it will start to get smaller and so this thing is telling you -- we're having trouble. Maybe a piece of tread has fallen off or maybe you've picked up an extra piece of metal. It will catch it before the tire is below 70 percent."

And that can warn you before a blow-out on the side of the road.

Kuhlmeier said, "One of the things we need people to know is, if this light is flashing, it's telling you there is a problem with the electronics of that vehicle and those sensors should be taken in to be looked at by a tire distributor."

Kuhlmeier warns you not to put anything in your tires other than what the manufacturer recommends. That especially goes for materials like Fix a Flat.

Kuhlmeier said, "That stuff will actually invade the sensor and destroy the sensor."

Which means even more costly repairs.

And when it comes to repairs, Kuhlmeier says you're the best source in diagnosing your car's problems.

Kuhlmeier said, "Believe it or not, you are the best mechanic that a good shop can rely on because you're in the vehicle longer than we are. Please don't hold back anything you smell or hear. We're here to help you."