Safe Family Report: Cyber-bullying, when should it stop?

It's a national problem that can cause children to take their own life. These days kids are finding new ways to bully their peers through the use of electronics.

Now, the state of Missouri has a new law to help eliminate cyberbullying in this KHQA Safe Family Report. The new law requires schools in Missouri to include the terms cyber-bullying and electronic communications into their anti-bullying policies.

Students will now be punished for bullying others through text messaging, emails, facebook messages and other forms of electronic media. But punishment can only be enforced if the bullying is known.

"The first and foremost thing is when an administrator or teacher recognizes or feels a student might be bullying or being a victim of bullying, the teacher of course needs to bring that to the attention immediately to the administration. The administration then needs to investigate the matter thoroughly," said Hannibal Assistant Superintendent Susan Johnson.

In May we aired a show entirely about bullying. You can watch the half hour show here.