Safe and Sound Bridges

Missouri has reached the century mark in its quest to repair 802 of the state's worst bridges in five years.

The Department of Transportation says work has been completed on 107 of the bridges, and an additional nine will be finished by the end of the year.

All 802 bridges are to be repaired or replaced by October 31, 2013, at a cost of about $700 million.

We checked in on bridges in Northeast Missouri.

Here's what we found out for this KHQA factfinder report.

There are 79 bridges in Northeast Missouri on the state's worst bridges list.

All of those will be repaired or replaced by 2012.

Nine of those bridges have been completed this year.

Two are currently under construction and nearing completion.

Most of the construction will come with a less than two month road closure.

NEMO Safe & Sound Bridges - Here you can monitor all the bridge work for Northeast Missouri.