Rushville mayor heads back to school

Scott Thompson is leaving his role as Rushville's mayor for a role as a student.

Mayor Thompson served ten years in city government, the last six as mayor. His resignation comes during his second term. Thompson says the decision to leave came after his wife took a job with the Iowa Department on Aging. It was then that he decided to pursue a PhD at Iowa State University. He hopes to teach and research there as well as work with community organizations in nearby rural areas.

Thompson says he's leaving the city of Rushville on a high note. His first term began in 2007 when the city was paying off claims with CD's. Since then, Thompson says the city has almost tripled its reserve funds and doubled its cash on hand. He also says he helped reduce Rushville's long-term debt by 31 percent.

Thompson told Tri-States Public Radio, that some of his bigger achievements included building "social capital" in Rushville. Renovations to the town's square, the formation of Exercise Rushville and the Housing Committee were all big on his list of priorities and when a French-speaking African population made Rushville home, Thompson says he made the language and immigration transition easier and more affordable.

Mayor Thompson has another 5 days before he officially gives up his title. He says the city should select a mayor pro-tem on Sept. 3.