Rushville family gets Habitat's help to build new home

Addie will be required to pay the entire mortgage but it will be interest free.

The plot of land on the corner of North Morgan and East Jefferson Streets in Rushville may not look like much now, but by next year it'll be where Addie Mornaville and her son Lucas call home.

"My mind has been going crazy just thinking of all the things going on like what color schemes and I can't even imagine all the work that's going to have to go on," Addie said.

This will be the fourth house Habitat for Humanity of Cass and Schuyler Counties has helped build, but it's a first for Addie.

Addie and Lucas currently live in a duplex and even though Lucas is still young she can already feel them out growing the space.

"We kind of have iffy neighbors, you never know what's going to happen with the parties and things going on upstairs," Addie said. "It's just not the best place for a two-year-old to be."

That's why she attended Habitat for Humanity's informational meeting on home ownership.

"So I went to a meeting and got a little information, filled out an application and later on I was selected to fill out the formal application and they came and did a home interview and after a lot of decisions we were selected," Addie said.

"What people don't realize about Habitat is that normally they think we just give houses to people that have hardly any income and really need it which in fact we actually give them away to people that do need houses, but are still able to have a minimal level of income and are able to repay a mortgage," Ryan Wade, president of Habitat for Humanity of Cass and Schuyler Counties, said.

Addie will be required to pay the entire mortgage but it will be interest free. She's also required to work 200 hours on Habitat projects, mostly on the construction of her home.

"That's kind of Habitat's mission, is to not give a hand out but a hand up," Wade said.

"It's going to help us tremendously," Addie said. "He'll actually have a place where we can call it a home and he'll have a backyard to run around in and I never would have imagined this to happen for me and him."

Well, she better believe it. Construction on Addie's new home will start within the next two weeks.

The new home's construction is funded through donations and is being built by volunteers.

If you interested in helping out or want to know how you can get involved with the project, click here.