Runway work underway at Keokuk Municipal Airport

By the end of the year, renovation work on the runways at the Keokuk Municipal Airport should be completed.

It's a $4 million dollar project that calls for old pavement to be removed, other portions of the concrete runway to be milled and for new concrete and asphalt to be laid on the 5,500 foot main runway.

The last project like this at the airport involving the runways was 20 years ago.

"Since we started the project, we've shortened our primary runway, while they work in the safety area and since that's been done, we've actually had some pavement fail due to the heat. So it's a good thing we started it when we did or otherwise we would have had a completely shutdown airport," airport manager Greg Gobble said.

The planning for this project has taken three years.

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Gobble said planes are still able to land because the construction crew is working the project in sections.

He went on to add that the company has 200 working days to complete the project, but he thinks that might finish early because of the dry weather.

Once the concrete is poured on the main runway, the airport will be able to accommodate some airplanes that weigh more then what can currently land at the airport.