Running on an empty tank? There's an alternative

Robin Robinson says most days, she rides her bike to work, but on days when weather isn't good she takes the bus

The continued hike in gas prices can make you feel like you're running on empty.

With no end in site to the increase at the pump, more people are looking for ways to save on fuel costs.

"It looks as though gas prices may peak higher than what we've ever been accustomed to," Greg Davis with Madison Davis Bicycles said.

With prices like Tuesday's $3.79 a gallon in Quincy, there's no telling how quickly the Tri-States could see gas prices hit the four dollar mark. The rising costs have many people in Quincy considering an alternative.

"Since I got married a year ago, we haven't bothered getting a car because of the gas prices," Robin Robinson said.

Robinson says most days, she rides her bike to work, but on days when weather isn't good she takes the bus.

"The bus seems to be more full each day. I guess that's good for the transit system," Robinson said.

It's also good for her wallet, taking out only a dollar a day for the bus route.

"If we had to pay for gas, we'd could probably barely squeak by, but we don't want to squeak. So we do it more comfortably and we'll just wait," Robinson said.

Davis says he's seen the biking trend take off in the last couple years. We asked him if Quincy was bicycle-friendly.

"As far as its infrastructure's concerned, it's not particularly bicycle-friendly. But by it's nature and size, it can be if you make the right choices," Davis said.

"There are some roads that don't have sidewalks so you have to use the road, but you just kind of work out your own little way," Robinson said.
"You can move just two blocks from the main thoroughfare and have a very low traveled safe way to travel."

Safe. Efficient. And a popular source for family time.

"Our youngest, Dakota, he's six and just recently started taking the bus with me. He used to walk every day with his dad, but now he likes to take the bus because it makes him feel like a big boy, so it's just little things you can do as a family that normally, you'd miss out on, because it just passes you by," Robinson said.

Davis says if you plan on biking through town, make sure you're visible to others drivers. He says you should always try to make eye contact with the cars around you.