Rubble from Bushnell Brickhouse Restaurant fire to be cleared

Fire at Brickhouse March 2011

For more than three and a half years, residents in Bushnell have had to walk past the burned out rubble of what was once the Brickhouse Restaurant.

Mayor James Evans says residents have been generally understanding about the eyesore, knowing that the city had its hands tied because of legal issues.

But now, the lot will be cleared, following an agreement with the restaurant owner's insurance company.

Arson was the official cause of the fire back in 2011 and charges were filed against the restaurant owners, but later dropped.

Since that time, the damaged property was in legal limbo.

Bushnell's City Attorney Elizabeth Duvall says her office had been working with the McDonough County State's Attorney's office to release the property from evidence.

And now the insurance company representing the owners has agreed to pay for the demolition and cleanup.

The owners are reviewing bids to clear the property, which is estimated to cost around $35,000.

Mayor James Evans tells KHQA there have been parties interested in buying the property after the demolition work is done.

He says ground-floor retail space with apartments above may be built once the property is sold.