Roscoe and Hansel are looking for a home

Roscoe is a ten month old German Shepard mix that is fun, energetic and trained.

KHQA This Morning may have taken Labor Day off but that doesn't mean they forgot about their first Monday of the month ritual.

Meet Roscoe. He's a ten month old German Shepard mix that is fun, energetic and trained.

"He would get along great in any household, and do well with kids," Quincy Humane Society's Lindsey Klobe said. "He knows a ton of commands and his previous owners said he's completely house broken."

Sadly, this is Roscoe's second stint at the Quincy Humane Society.

"He was here as a puppy, he was adopted and then he was returned," Klobe said. "They had to move across country so they couldn't bring him."

Now, Roscoe is just one of the almost thirty dogs living along side of the almost thirty-five cats at Quincy Humane Society's no-kill shelter.

"There's a huge animal over-population going on right now," Klobe said.

That's why the organization urges you to adopt pets instead of buying them.

"When you buy from a pet store you're supporting that over-population, so when you adopt, you're helping to stem that a little bit and all of our animal are fixed, micro-chipped and all that good stuff before they leave," Klobe said. "So you know you know you're getting a happy healthy pet that's going to fit into your household."

One of those animals is our second pet of the month, eight-month-old Hansel.

"He is really feisty, he has a great personality," Klobe said. "Again, he would do great in any home, I think he would do fine with kids. We've had him since he was nine-weeks-old so he's ready to get out of here and get into a home."

So whether you like Hansel or Roscoe ... your new best friend is here at the Quincy Humane Society, just waiting to nuzzle up with you.