Riverview Golf Club owner looking to sell

It's not too often people here in the tri state area get a chance to own their own golf course.

Now you have that chance

and if

the right price, you can own the nine hole River View golf club near Canton.

The Riverview Golf Club dates back to the early 1970's when it was a privately run club.

In 2007, Allen Brinkley bought the club and opened it to the public.

After several years of seeing thousands of rounds played on the nine hole course, Brinkley has decided to pursue other interests and put the course up for sale.

"The family is growing and we've decided to spend some more family time, spend some more time on the family farm and I think this is the right move for me," said Brinkley.

The golf course sits on top of the river bluff between Canton and LaGrange. It covers 68 acres and has three ponds. Jason Wallingford is the internet broker on this listing. He said offers for the entire package will be considered up until October 1st. Once the course is listed on the auction block, it will then go to the highest bidder. It could even be divided up into separate parcels and the golf course could go away.

"You know once the auction process starts, it will be exciting to see how much interest we generate. We've already had a lot of interest generated just from word of mouth and the phone calls have been coming in. You know, not only is the course selling, we're selling a full line of golf equipment and there will be a ton of interest in that," said Wallingford.

Brinkley said the course does host some private outings and that it's also home to the Culver Stockton and Canton High School golf teams. He also said more people want to play nine holes because of the short amount of time it takes compared to playing 18. And he has some advice for anyone who might think about owning a golf course.

"You kind of control your own destiny, you know you take care of the golf course and it takes care of you," said Brinkley.

The course features, a clubhouse, a par five, two par three's and six par four's