Riverside Smoke House and Grill: A Canton original in Quincy

Riverside Smoke House and Grill

It's a Canton, Missouri original and a Tastes of the Tri-States winner. Now, the

Riverside Smoke House and Grill

is taking your order in Quincy.

"Quincy was lacking a barbeque restaurant and we've kind of filled that void for them. So, hopefully, we can keep it up and be a strong part of the community for many years," Ken Rieffer, the owner said.

Don't be surprised if you're put on the waiting list. The new restaurant, at 222 S. 3rd Street, is fast becoming one of the area's most popular barbeque joints.

"This is my third time here and the first two times were great,"Jerry Westburg said.

It's the same story at every table ... so don't be surprised if you find yourself on the waiting list.

"It won't even be that bad, but then come to find out everyone's outside waiting. I like it. I like the fast pace, to keep going. I don't like standing around," Mecklenburg said.

"We were running out of room and always going on waits in Canton. So, now, here we are and we're having the same problem, so everyone's telling me to expand this one," Rieffer said.

Thanks to the opening of a new banquet room Wednesday, the restaurant can seat 80 more people.

"I've had the barbequed ribs and I'm going to try the brisket today," Westburg said.

If you're wondering if the menu's the same at both locations, Rieffer says it's about 90 percent identical.

"It's funny that you asked that, because we are selling more sweet potatoes here in Quincy than we ever could in Canton. And we're selling a whole lotta brisket and a whole lotta ribs right now," Rieffer said. "In Canton, it was more of a sandwich operation and a lot of smoked pork."

So if it's barbeque you like, your table awaits at Riverside Smoke House and Grill, now in Canton and Quincy.