Rising fair helps

QUincy, IL -- At a time when every penny counts, hundreds of area parents got a jump start on back to school shopping for free.

A Back to school fair was held today at the First Baptist Church in Quincy.

The event started at 8 a.m. but lines began forming and as early as 5:30 this morning.

Kids from pre-k through college age picked out backpacks, school supplies, and clothes.

They also got physicals, their teeth and eyes examined...even haircuts.

About 100 people volunteered their time today to help needy families.

As you can imagine for parents, help like this takes a load off their shoulders...especially in today's economy.

"Just with the saved expense with the rising prices of gas, grocery...this is a grocery bill so one weeks worth of grocery for your family is a whole lot mor important sometimes than some notebooks and school supplies," said Alisha Cisco, volunteer and mother.

12 area churches, the union workforce out of the West Central Building, and several others donated their time and money for this event.

When the back to school fair started 11 years ago, it was held in the basement of the First Baptist Church.

The event is so big now, it also uses the Teen Reach Center, Walter hammond Day Care, and the Redmon Lee Center.

If you missed out on today's event Reverend Orville Jones told us First Baptist Church helps people in need year round.

Just call the church at 223-4468.