Ride your bike with the rules of the road in mind

Before you start biking it's important to know the rules of the road.

Get Active, Be Safe

is a new campaign getting ready to take over Quincy.

The plan is to get you off your couch and out the door.

One way to do that is by biking.

But before you take your first ride it's important to know the rules of the road.

"I had a couple close calls,"

Quincy Bike Club

Vice President Adam Duesterhaus said. "I had a car where I could feel the exhaust from the pipe on my left leg as it was going by me."

Riding your bike is the perfect way to get active, but you need to use more than the break pad to stay safe.

Duesterhaus says as a biker, you need to stay visible.

"In that instance he came out of nowhere and as I saw him approaching it was too late," he said. "I didn't get hit, but there's another example of why it's important to be seen."

Duesterhaus says bikers should wear bright reflective clothing, and each bike should have a blinking headlight, taillight and reflectors.

"We want to make sure because we're lighter, smaller and slower that they're able to see us," he said.

Drivers should also do a few things to ensure safety.

"For motorists the most important thing is to give bikes a little bit of slow down and three feet while you're passing them," Quincy Bike Club President Laura Sievert said. "That little bit of extra time, everybody arrives home safe."

Now once you have your safety gear and you know the rules of the road next you have to pick out your bike. Choosing the wrong bike can also be dangerous.

Look for a bike that fits your height and weight.

"Size is very important for a bike," Duesterhaus said. "You're not going to want to ride a bike that's too big for you because you're up higher, you're a lever so to speak. So if you fall off of it, you have more height to fall."

Duesterhaus says whatever bike you choose, he's just glad you're making the decision to ride.

"It's just a great community to get involved with," he said. "It's great to get active and stay healthy and the bike club, I think is just one of the more fun ways to do that."

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The Get Active, Be Safe campaign kicks off this Thursday at

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