Retired police officer opens 'sweet' new business

Retired HPD officer Kathy Davis opens new TCBY-Mrs. Fields in Hannibal

For 26 years, Kathy Davis was a member of the Hannibal Police Department until she decided to retire.

But Kathy didn't want to stop there.

"I was looking for something that was pleasing. You know, that I liked as well as I thought the community might like so that's how we came across TCBY," Davis explained.

The Hannibal-native went from the Hannibal PD to a small business owner.

Why the big career change?

“I think it brings a little more community support. It allows young people to have employment and allows a good place to go and associate with others," said Davis.

She finds owning the business to be rewarding and a great way to act as a role model for students.

Even though she's retired from the police force, Kathy still gives back to the community one scoop at a time.

"We offer a Teacher Tuesday where they can come in and get one buy one get one half off to show them that we support the teachers. They're doing a great job in the community. I also have a soft spot for Veterans so we intend on doing some fundraising around Veteran's Day for the Honor Flight--Great River Honor Flight," Davis said.

Be sure to keep a look out for the Hannibal Hometown Heroes fundraiser that benefits education, healthcare and veteran services.

TCBY-Mrs. Fields is located in the Steamboat Bend Shopping Center in Hannibal. It opens every day at noon.

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