Resolution reached in Hannibal racial discrimination complaint

The Hannibal School District says it's looking forward to enhancing the dialogue about racial diversity and bullying following a report from the U.S. Department of Education's Civil Rights division.

Last fall, the Hannibal chapter of the NAACP filed a discrimination complaint against the district alleging racial discrimination against some of the students.

The complaint was investigated and a resolution agreement was reached between all parties involved.

"The biggest thing is training," Hannibal assistant superintendent Susan Johnson said. "Training for our staff and out students. One, both in recognizing when these things are happening more importantly to do if you do recognize that it is happening, who do you report too? What do you do with that information. So that is really important and that is something we're doing with our high school and middle school staff and students"

KHQA also spoke with the president of the Hannibal branch of the NAACP about the latest development.

"The NAACP is very happy that the school entered into the resolution agreement with the Department of Education," NAACP President Annie Dixon said. "It shows us and the community that they are willing to make changes or do whatever is necessary to have harmony in the school."

A workshop is planned for September 13th at Eugene Field Elementary to help prevent any problems from happening again.

The U.S. Department of Justice will facilitate the meeting.