Residents upset with Iowa Fertilizer Company

Residents in the northern Lee County, Iowa are upset with their new neighbors, the Iowa Fertilizer Company and their parent company Orascom Construction Industries.

A truck enters the 300 acre property every 38 seconds bringing supplies necessary for construction.

More than a thousand people are working on site and the increased traffic is putting a strain on the roads and the people who live there.

"We've heard of such complaints of speeding, not giving enough time when entering the road way from their heavy construction trucks and so on," Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl said.

Sheriff Sholl says Iowa Fertilizer knows its presence causes problems. Company officials approached Lee County about the traffic concerns.

The two entities are working together to address those issues.

To help, it will begin staggering workers' schedules so they don't converge and leave the property at the same time.

The Sheriff knows there is a problem but says he doesn't have enough manpower to monitor the situation.

"The matter is we have two deputies on each shift at any even given time, but we do try to pay attention to the traffic there in the morning and the afternoon," Sheriff Sholl said.

Sholl adds other agencies are stepping in to help.

"The Iowa State patrol called yesterday, in fact right now there is a traffic enforcement project going on in the Wever area," Sheriff Sholl said.

He also says it might be worse when the warmer weather comes and activity at the site increases. But the sooner the construction finishes the better.