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      Republican National Convention gets going despite tropical storm

      After a one-day weather delay, the Republican National Convention will move ahead Tuesday.

      Tropical Storm Isaac didn't keep Republicans and RNC-goers away for long.

      There was a bright outlook Tuesday morning across downtown Tampa and Republicans are expected to nominate Mitt Romney as the Republican Presidential candidate and Paul Ryan as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

      There are several speakers slated for Tuesday's Republican National Convention including, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and the keynote speaker, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie .

      According to KHQA affiliate KVII's reporter Travis Ruiz, while Republicans take charge inside, protesters have taken up residence outside.

      The Poor People's Economic Human Right's Campaign , just one group of approximately 10,000 protesters, expected to protest all week during the convention.

      Stay tuned for information live from the RNC and don't forget that we will bring you reports from the Democratic National Convention September 3rd through the 7th.