Reminder to those who hate hot weather

A Quincy resident shovels snow on a sidewalk

After a slow start for summer temperatures here in the Tri-States, it seems they've come later rather than sooner.

"We've hit some of the hottest weather we've seen all year. Temperatures have been in the 90s, the heat index values have been anywhere from 100, to 110 degrees, that's what itâ??s actually felt like out there,â?? our fearless leader, KHQA Chief Meteorologist Mike Cole said.

Some people have been enjoying the hot temps.

"This has been a walk in the park, I'm originally from Texas, so, heat doesn't really bother me," Quincy University Grounds Manager Michael Foster said.

Other Tri-State residents find the hotter temperatures unbearable.

"Oh it's dreadful, I live in Padua Hall and there's no air conditioning, so it gets pretty bad," QU Senior Thomas Vitale said.

But there seems to be many people who are complaining that the temperatures are too hot.

Well, for all you temperature complainers, let me just remind you of this.

In a few months you'll be trading in your shorts for pants, sandals for snow boots and baseball caps for ear muffs.

Times spent swimming and fishing, will ultimately be spent in your car, with the heat on full blast, trying to drive in gridlock traffic because people don't seem to want to drive more than 20 miles an hour with an inch or more snow on the ground.

And for area dog owners, get ready to start wiping paws and brushing snow off your pup several times a day because you know they love to play outside.

Maybe next winter will be much more mild and reasonable than the last one. But for everyone asking our chief meteorologist if the current weather is indicative of another snowpocolypse, Cole said "We can't really go reading into this 10 day period of really intense heat, and say "oh-oh, what does this mean for December and January this year", Iâ??m just busy trying to get the forecast right for this weekend, and if I can do that I will feel good enough for all the viewers."

So, in the end, be careful what you wish for.

I think I can speak for many when I say, lets cross our fingers for an extra week or two of fall.