REMINDER: Heat safety tips for pets

Animal control officer Steve Scherer says this time of year is always busy.

"Traditionally for me, the last 11 years I TMve been doing this job, I know August is a busy time and I TMm prepared for it," Scherer said.

That's because Officer Scherer is out reminding the public that summer is not over just yet.

He says there are some tips to keep in mind while the dog days of summer are still going on.

"Especially the dogs that are outside, especially the darker dogs, the black labs in the direct sun is a bad thing, your dog outside needs fresh water several time a day," Scherer said. "It also needs really good shade, not just a tree, not just underneath a car, it needs a good house that is ventilated, it needs to be able to get out of the direct sunlight."

Officer Scherer says because animals cannot sweat they need moving air.

He also says animals should not be out on hot asphalt and sidewalks on hot days because paws will burn.

Officer Scherer believes if these tips are practiced then the dog days of summer will come and go and we'll all be happy.