Remembering the Potawatomi

A memorial on Quinsippi Island

Quincy welcomed in the 'Trail of Death March'.

It's a caravan that starts in Indiana and ends in Kansas.

It was a solemn commemoration held here at Quinsippi Island.

The purpose of the march is to remember the Potawotami Trail of Tears that went right through Quincy.

While in Quincy, they said a prayer and a blessing to this memorial marker.

"The Potawatomi Trail of Death was the forced removal of the Potawatomi from Indiana to Kansas," caravan organizer Shirley Willard said.

That's what has this group of caravaners following in the Potawatomi's footsteps.

The Trail of Death March started in 1988, the 150th anniversary of the 1838 Trail of Death.

George Godfrey has been at every march.

"Really the only way the caravan has changed is that new people have come in," Godfrey said.

One of the goals this group looks to accomplish is educating the area about the forced removal of the Potawatomi.

They do that by travelling to each historic location their ancestors travelled through during the removal.

"It used to be in the history books, but with school curriculums, they somehow shoved it out. And it's history we think is important," Willard said.

Godfrey says the support for this caravan has been tremendous.

After the prayers and blessings the group gathered for a picnic.

The caravan goes on for about a week.