Remembering Richard Hively

Hively's family walking down to the riverfront to toss flowers into the water to honor him.

Balloons travelled high and far Tuesday night to remember a life lost on the Mississippi River.

Richard Hively went missing while out on the river three years ago from Tuesday. He was pronounced dead from drowning within the week.

His family and close friends used balloons, flowers, and a prayer to honor his life.

Richard was known for his love for the river.

"He got me into fishing, and we'd always go out there and fish," Richard's nephew, Landon Miller said.

Therefore, his family found it fitting to honor him along the riverside.

Nearly a hundred people gathered outside of Lock and Dam 21 to help remember Richard.

His daughter, Leanne Tournear was very pleased with the turnout.

"Today's (Tuesday) my birthday. And the day he went missing. And his brothers took me to the spot on the Lock and Dam where we know he went in at," Leanne said.

"It was closure for his family which some of us needed that," Floyd Hively, Richard's brother said.

A year after Richard's death, his family held a fundraiser to help support the emergency volunteer corps.

Floyd says that crew worked day and night helping the Hively family while searching for Richard when he went missing.

"It's very important to wear a life coat, have somebody know where you're at, don't go on the river by yourself, and you're not untouchable," Leanne said.

The group gathered around by the riverside, said a prayer, and released dozens of balloons into the air.

After the balloons took flight, Richard's grandson went to the shore, and sent the sounds from a duck call out into the distance.

That honored his love for hunting.

"I miss him. Every day," Richard's grandson Brandon Tournear said.

Richard's family then walked down to the shore, and threw flowers into the river.

"It's bittersweet. He would love this. Just to see all the support," Leanne said.

If you would like to donate to the emergency Quincy volunteer corps, contact Mike and Cindy Goehl at 217-430-9858.