Remembering Mother Nature's fury, prepping for the spring storm season

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Recent storms in the Midwest have many fearful of a repeat of the violent storm season of 2011.

As we enter the spring storm season here in the Tri-States, KHQA wants to help keep your family safe and we've teamed up with a local company that knows all too well the fury of Mother Nature and the importance of being prepared.

Area County Market stores recognize the need for weather preparedness as their own store in Canton, Missouri faced severe weather head on. Let us take you back to May 10, 2003 ... a reminder of mother nature's power and of the importance of preparation and advance warning.

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado that left a path of destruction from Ewing to Canton at about 6:25 p.m. struck the County Market complex reaching F2 strength. It collapsed the roof of the County Market, and severely damaged the Comfort Inn. Click here for more on that storm from the National Weather Service.

Canton Fire Chief Jeff McRenolds visited with us the next day and described how preparation and three minutes of advance warning helped to save lives in Canton Missouri's then newly opened County Market.

"When the building went down I tried to make an entry from the front and could not and by the time I got around to the back he already had everyone out of the building and safe," McRenolds said.

Nine years later, the economic development on the hill in Canton is impressive around the new County Market yet the physical conditions of the building and the setting remains eerily the same.

"It is you know everyone realizes that we are sitting in a metal building here on the interstate and everyone knows what happened in 2003," County Market Store Manager Dave Taylor said. "So I think everyone is very aware when a storm comes up, we have weather radios in the store that activate when a storm comes up and we keep this top of mind."

The 7 Storm Team joined forces with the Canton County Market from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Monday to make AlertWorks weather radios available for purchase and programming to the public. Proceeds from the promotion go to buy additional weather radios for those in need in your community.

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for a list of all dates, times and locations for future weather radio events and Storm Spotters Classes being held in your area.

(KHQA's Beau Hicks contributed to this story.)