Remember Hannah: Pull a "Hammi"

15-year-old Hannah Buchanan of Frankford, Missouri

On September 8th, 15-year-old Hannah Buchanan of Frankford, Missouri was killed in a car crash.

Known as "Hammi" by her friends and family, she was also known for random acts of kindness.

Now people are being encouraged to show kindness to a stranger by "Pulling a Hammi".

"And the King will say, "I tell you the truth when you did it unto the least of these my brothers and sisters you were doing to me."

This passage from the book of Matthew holds special meaning the family of Hannah Buchanan. It was on the wall of the hospital where died and it is a perfect explanation of who Hannah Buchanan was.

Hannah Buchanan loved to dance. She also loved giraffes.

She was a typical 15-year-old girl in many ways except one ... she had an very strong desire to show kindness to others.

"The thing that I remember the most and always will about her is ability to make other people feel comfortable, feel loved and to want to do kind things to others," Hannah's mother Heather Buchanan said. "And that's just a remarkable thing to me that I got 16 years of that."

Since her passing, those acts of kindness have inspired a "kindness movement" in Hannah's honor called "Pull a Hammi".

Now people around the area are sending in their stories of showing kindness to strangers to the Facebook page called

"Peace, love, Pull A Hammi Movement"


Even Stephen Johnson did his part in "Pulling a Hammi" at the grocery store on Sept. 24. Click here to watch.

Hannah's father Mike says he is surprised by how the "Pull a Hammi" movement is taking on a life of its own.

"It's overwhelming to me to think that one person, 15-years-old, has had this much impact to think what everybody could do if everybody shared and had that much impact, how much it would change this world." Mike Buchanan said.

Hannah's parents want the "Pull a Hammi" movement to go beyond the memory of their daughter to impact lives all around the world.

"We can be kind and make a difference at anytime in our life and that is certainly what I would like "Pull a Hammi" to be," Heather Buchanan said. "What it really is about is about each individual becoming the best they can be and about why they became that. Normally its because of what somebody else has done in their life."

Though their beloved Hannah is gone, her family is proud that her life and memory will inspire people to "Pull a Hammi" of kindness for many years to come.

The family is also planning to sell "Pull A Hammi" T-Shirts for $10. Deters Sign Company in Bowling Green is making the shirts.

The money raised will go into a special fund and will be used to pay for Haiti mission trips and dance scholarships for underprivileged children in the U.S.

Hannah's brother Joshua is also taking a mission trip to Haiti that Hannah had planned to take.

International dancer and choreographer

Joe Tremaine

is also setting up a scholarship in Hannah's name.

The scholarship will be between $300-$400 and will allow 1 child to go to the national dance convention each year.

15-year-old Hannah also became an organ donor before she died.

Her mother was told that within 24 hours of her passing she had helped more than 200 people with her gift of life.

You can also view an extended interview with Heather Buchanan in the video player above or

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