Real vs. fake trees: What's best for your allergies

Here's a KHQA Safe Family Health report about real vs. fake Christmas trees. Looking to buy a Christmas tree that won't wreak havoc on your allergies? Allergy specialists say while both live and artificial trees can aggravate your allergies, a fake tree is your best bet.

Live trees are covered with pollen and mold. Dr. Gary Carpenter with Quincy Medical Group says if you do buy a live tree, put it through a *thorough* washing before bringing it inside.

He recommends taking the same care for an artificial tree.

"When you store them, you want to store them in a covered container or wrap them in a plastic bag or something like that, so that during the off season they don't get contaminated with indoor allergies," said Dr. Carpenter.

Dr. Carpenter says even fake trees can aggravate allergies with dust.