Reagan's Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast featured in "Country" magazine

With its original Victorian atmosphere and beautiful riverfront rooms, it's not hard to wonder why people travel all over the world to stay at the Reagan's Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast.

Since opening eleven years ago, owners Judy and Norm Reagan have made it their mission to keep the historic significance of the building and serve guests with ultimate hospitality.

When speaking with Judy Reagan she said, "It's nice to share this house and it's been pretty well preserved, so we love sharing it with guests, and, we work really hard this is all we do, so we work really hard at trying to make it nice for everyone who comes here."

People from 24 countries and all but two states have traveled here.

Many say they enjoy the intimate atmosphere and convenient location of being downtown.

But, now after six of Judy's signature recipes made it into "Country" magazine, folks are coming for good food as well.

Fresh fruit and herbs make dishes such as "georgia butter pecan" muffins with pecans straight off the Georgia trees, apple sausage quiche, and simpler recipes for the not so adventurous.

Whatever it is, the Reagan's never promise more than they can deliver.

Reagan also said, "The thing we first hear when they come is "Wow," and then when they're leaving a lot of them know it just feels like your at home. So, they felt real comfortable here."

New and old customers visit this bed and breakfast every year. And, many of them agree that the elegance of the home compliments the historic nature of Hannibal, plus Judy's home cooking doesn't hurt either.

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