Reagan Smyser tumbles her way to the Junior Olympics

Gem City Gymnastics and Tumbling is where Reagan spends six hours a week perfecting her tumbling pass.

Not many 11-year-olds can claim to be an Olympic medal winner.

Reagan Smyser from Ewing, Missouri is one of the select few who can.

She tumbled over the competition at the AAU Junior Olympics.

"I paid attention to what they did and there scores and I just hoped I could beat them," Smyser said.

When she found out she had won silver, she was pretty excited.

"I felt like I was the best I could be. It's just amazing," Smyser said.

Reagan puts in six hours a week at Gem City Gymnastics and Tumbling.

She's only been tumbling for two years.

Zeke Cernea, her coach and co-owner of Gem City Gymnastics and Tumbling, is proud of her achievement.

"I think a lot of times people don't realize how much effort, how much practice, how much hard work it takes for a young athlete. Six hours, for her is a lot, at that age. It's a lot of pressure, it's a lot of work, it's tiring. And she comes in and she puts out all of her effort every time she's in, and she does a really great job," Cernea said.

"I just like to practice. It's fun to do the flips, and everything," Smyser said.

"To say two years ago, you're just starting your first class and then, we're going to go to a national competition, and then you're going to be in the spotlight and the judges are just going to be looking at you, and you've got to make it happen, that's a lot of pressure. She's done a great job handling that, and she's done a lot of hard work to get to that point," Cernea said.

Smyser hopes to become a professional tumbler someday.

Until then, she hopes to bring home another medal next year, but next time she hopes it's gold.