Reaction to budget cuts for next years Quincy school budget

News of the cuts at in the Quincy Public School District wasn't welcome news to anyone.

under a directive from the state to reduce their deficit, it was something that the school board had to do.

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"The State of Illinois owes us state aid money in four categoricals each year and last year they only paid us in two of the categories and this year we only budgeted for two although they're still supposed to pay us for four," Superintendent Lonny Lemon said. "So really we're behind on getting state payments by almost a year."

Many of the positions that were eliminated were listed as classified personnel. Meaning those individuals were not classrooms teachers. Some of the cuts that counted toward the $1 million that had to be cut from next year's budget also included resignations and cuts that were called honorable dismissals.

"These things aren't easy. But hopefully the massive cuts are over," Jeann Morrison, who has two children in the school district said. "The board did what they had to do."

Lemon said the district has faced massive cuts over the last five years and he hopes this is the last year. He said last year's budget and this year's budget were both balanced and that he's cautiously optimistic for the next fiscal year.