Rauner and running mate make Quincy campaign stop

Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Sanguinetti meet Quincy voters at Kelly's.

The countdown to Tuesday has begun.

And candidates are crossing the state to get their message across before the big vote.

Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner and his running mate Evelyn Sanguinetti visited the lunch crowd at Kelly's this afternoon to meet and shake hands with voters.

Rauner says that if elected he will focus on job creation, cutting down out of control spending and taxes in Springfield and restoring the quality of education in the state.

Both Rauner and his running mate says that if elected they will not forget downstate voters.

"Quincy's well located. You've got great people here," Rauner said. "You're bordering some other well-run states. You're suffering from our lack of competitiveness in Illinois. We are not competitive and that hurts Quincy's economy. I'm gonna make Illinois competitive again so that communities like Quincy can thrive and bring jobs and employers back here."

"We're resonating with everyone across the board," running mate Sanguinetti said. "Even the people of Quincy who have often times told us that anything south of I-80 is forgotten. We'll we're here to tell the people of Quincy that it's not."

Rauner also emphasized his support of term limits and fixing the state's broken pension system.