Ralls Co. sheriff confirms year-old shooting inside 911 center

A Missouri judge appointed a special prosecutor to investigate a shooting that took place nearly a year ago inside the Ralls County 911 building, Ralls County Sheriff Gerry Dinwiddie said.

The investigation is centered around why no one reported the incident to police, Dinwiddie said in response to information contained in an anonymous tip received Monday by a KHQA reporter.

Dinwiddie would not reveal the names of the 911 employees interviewed as part of the investigation or the name of the former employee accused of shooting multiple holes in the walls of former 911 director Laurie Means' office.

â??The warrants haven't been filed, so I can't say who it is,â?? Dinwiddie said.

A result a search warrant was authorized and executed July 2 at the center located at 17630 Highway 19, according to a release made Friday by the Sheriff's Office. Unspecified evidence was recovered during the search.

Ralls County Associate Circuit Judge David Mobley appointed Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Talley Kendrick to oversee the investigation, Dinwiddie said.

News of the investigation comes amid an upheaval within the 911 system that serves New London and other small communities within Ralls County.

Means abruptly resigned June 17 after a lengthy meeting with the Ralls County 911 board members.

A month later, the board voted to cease all 911 operations at the center and laid off all of the remaining staff.

The board hired Marion County 911 director Mike Hall to run the agency on a month-to-month basis until it can get its house in order. Hall would not comment on the shooting investigation.

It's unclear whether the clean sweep of employees and Means' resignation are connected with the shooting investigation.

Kendrick was unavailable for an interview Wednesday afternoon.

The board hasn't discussed the incident at recent public meetings held to discuss the fate of the Ralls County 911 system.

Tuesday night's meeting saw the board approve the placing of a half-cent sales tax increase referendum on the November ballot.

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