Rain or shine, they work for you

The rain doesn't stop mail delivery.

A little rain never hurt anyone.

At least, that's the attitude of some people who work outside.

Rain or shine Quincy City crews, postal carriers and many others brave Mother Nature at work.

"Pretty much put a rain poncho on and just do our job, rain or shine," Dennis Redd, pump operator at Scotties Potties said.

"The mail never stops," Chuck Bartlett, a mail carrier said.

Chuck Bartlett is a mail carrier. In the rainy weather, he says he just tries to get the job done as best he can.

"You can get a little down ... may not look forward to it, but you know you still have to do it," Bartlett said.

Quincy city crews weren't afraid of Mother Nature's grumbles. They were out filling potholes, checking sewer and water lines and picking up garbage and recycling.

"At this point, there's very little that prevents us from working," Marty Stegeman, Quincy Director of Central Services, said. "We have to work right through it."

Dennis Redd from Scotties Potties had just one thing to say.

"This is not hot, that's all I got to say," Redd said.

It may be a wet job ... but somebody has to do it.