Quinn protects Illinois animal purchases

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New pet owners in Illinois will no longer have to foot the bill when they take home sick or dying cats and dogs.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a puppy lemon law Sunday.

It's designed to encourage pet stores to work with reputable breeders, not puppy mills.

The bill gives new pet owners the option to receive a full refund.

The pet store will be responsible for a refund that can cover medical expenses if a licensed vet says the cat or dog was sick when it was sold.

Quincy Humane Society Amy Kientzle says this is a great thing because of its all too common occurrence.

"I am really happy because a lot of these stores that are getting these dogs from puppy mills. It is very common for the distemper, parvo or some other disease that they have for that to break out in these dogs later," Kientzle said.

Animals adopted from the Quincy Humane Society are all vetted upon entry and made sure they are healthy for adoption.