Quincy's top cop talks crime numbers and cases

Chief Rob Copley has been with the Quincy Police Department for almost 33 years, serving nine years as chief.

Newly released numbers show crime in Quincy has increased slightly.

Burglary, theft and arson are among the crimes that saw a spike in 2012 when compared to 2011.

The city reported zero murders during both of those years, but the department continues to investigate suspicious deaths.

Chief Rob Copley has been with the Quincy Police Department for almost 33 years, serving nine years as chief.

Copley says he's at a standstill with two death investigations involving fires.

"I've got my own thought process on what really happened, but it's just my theory at this point," Copley said.

Nancy Steitmatter's body was found under a pile of debris from a fire at Salvage Lumber on October 7.

"She was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. She was breathing at least at some point during the fire," Copley said.

That week, police began treating the case as a homicide, lining up persons of interest and canvassing neighborhoods for information. The case remains open.

"We're looking at perhaps a long time before we get more answers on this," Copley said.

A late night house fire on Maiden Lane was to blame for a Quincy man's death in January. The fire department concluded the fire was intentionally set.

"That case is another one where we're not sure what happened. We do know that accelerants were used," Copley said.

Firefighters found Daniel Dietrich's body in the attic of the home. An autopsy showed he died of smoke inhalation. Who set the fire and why remains a mystery.

"Just like everybody, we like to have closure. We like to make a final determination on what did happen in this case and in all of our cases. And unfortunately, there are times when you can't get to that point," Copley said.

The Quincy Police Department saw zero murders in 2011 and 2012.

However, the current year already has one murder investigation in the court system.

Vincent Carter was charged for first degree murder in a shooting that killed Terry Williams on January 3. Carter's murder trail is set to begin May 13.

Quincy crime facts from 2012: By Chief Rob Copley

Index crimes are the crimes used by the FBI to study crime statistics nationwide. The specific index crimes are: murder*, criminal sexual assault*, robbery*, aggravated assault/aggravated battery*, burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

Over all, index crimes increased by a total of 15 (1493 to 1508) or 1%.

Crimes against persons (notated by *) are down by 7 or 3.63%.

Crimes against property are up by 22 or 1.69%.

Murder is constant at 0.

Criminal sexual assault is down 7 (31 to 24) or 22.6%.

Robbery is up 2 (14 to 16) or 14.3%.

Aggravated assault/aggravated battery is down 2 (148 to 146) or 1.4%.

Burglary is up 7 (217 to 224) or 3.2%.

Theft is up 9 (1055 to 1064) or 0.9%.

Motor vehicle theft is up 2 (24 to 26) or 8.3%.

Arson is up 4 (4 to 8) or 100%.