Quincy's snow budget is right on track

Last weeks blizzard has plowed through many cities tight budgets.

Some snow budgets are completely depleted.

But that's not the case for Quincy.

According to City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp, the city is right on track with where it should be.

Quincy allows for twenty deployments of crews each year.

So far, only thirteen have been used.

The city sets aside around sixteen thousand dollars for each deployment.

Thursday, crews worked on Maine Street for some spot clean-up of parking spots.

The downtown is completed.

The warm weather this weekend will start to melt all this snow, and the blizzard will just be a memory.

"I don't think we'll expect any flooding or anything like that. Our sewer inlets and storm inlets will take in okay but we hope to get rid of some of it this weekend and more in the future," said Quincy City Engineer Jeff Steinkamp.

The last seven allotted deployments should last until the end of February.