Quincy's own quaint little German village

Near the corner of North 8th and Locust streets in Quincy sits what looks like a quaint little German village. A closer look reveals more history than one might imagine.

Several years ago, the building was just about to be condemned when Hedy Elligsen's husband bought it to restore. It wasn't until after the restoration began, that Hedy found some old family pictures. She soon discovered her great uncle once owned this very building.

"I couldn't believe it. I know my mother talked about it all the time. She would talk about him coming home and brought all kinds of stuff back from America," Elligsen said. "I have dishes from my great uncle that are 200 years old. Everything here has a story."

Some of the discoveries include a trunk her great uncle's trunk brought when he emigrated from Germany and a bell from a German World War II military boat where her brother was a medic.

There's also a lot of Quincy history, including pews from St. Rose's church.

"We have an organ from St. Mary's chapel." she said. "We got a german piano that my 21 cousins sent to me. It's been in my family since 1800 and I don't know what."

And the piano still plays, it just has to be tuned once a year. Elligsen marks that annual event on her calendar which is quite full these days. The Emsland Village Halle isn't just a place where Hedy comes to hang out, it can be rented for your events.

"We have all kinds of things going on. Parties, birthday parties, different groups have their speeches, anything you can think of," she said.

When you rent out Emsland Village Halle for an event, you also get a history lesson. Elligsen comes to every event to talk about the Halle and all the stuff inside.

Of all the things in the Halle, Hedy says her favorite things are the pictures of her family.

She has one of her grandparents hanging on the wall.

For more information on renting out the hall, you can call Elligsen at 217-222-6959.