Quincy's "homeless" skateboarders

$100,000. That's the estimated cost to build a skate park in Quincy.

A group of parents and kids called the Adams County Skate Park Movement would like to see a park built somewhere in the city.

As it stands right now, the kids have to skate on public property like parking lots, streets and curbs.

Petra St. Hill is a frustrated mother of one of the skaters who says it's difficult for the kids to have no place to go.

She says, " The kids are run off everywhere they go. They basically are skating right now at the Senior Center and the police are on the way because they are not allowed to skate on any public facility, any business facility. The churches have no skateboarding signs up."

Quincy Park District director Ed Seger says that the group is talking with the park district about specifics for the skate park, in the event they *can* raise the money.

Petra St. Hill says they have about 1,000 signatures of support for the skate park so far.

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