Quincy's first medical marijuana dispensary faces a final challenge

Herbal Remedies LLC awaits city council's final approval to begin construction.

"We were awarded the authorization on Feb. 3rd," Bob Lansing said.

Lansing is the President of Herbal Remedies LLC in Quincy.

He says once notified by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation of being granted the dispensary, it was time for action.

"At that point in time the state gave us 120 days to get our ducks in row," Lansing said.

Lansing says during that time, a list of things had to be done in order for the dispensary to be up and running.

"We had to have the site plan reviewed which has been done and now were just waiting for final approval from city council before we start construction," Lansing said.

And as we all know, in order for a business to thrive it's all about location, location, location.

"We were limited to a very narrow corridor which we felt was essentially from 36th and Broadway to the bypass," Lansing said.

For Herbal Remedies LLC, if the dispensary is not up and running by June 3, it'll be a waste of time and money.

"We could lose our license and addition to our license, we would forfeit all the hundreds of thousands we have invested in this and on top of this we would forfeit our $50,000 we have in the escrow account," Lansing said.

Quincy's city council has the final vote on the building's rezoning requirements.

The council will vote at the next city council meeting on Monday, March 30.

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