Quincy woman charged with aggravated battery

Jamie Cook / Quincy Police Department

A Quincy mom is in jail after police say she encouraged her daughter and another girl to fight, got into the fight herself, and videotaped the whole thing.

That woman is 28 year old Jamie Cook. She's now charged with aggravated battery for the alleged incident that took place March 12th in Berrian Park. Video of a fight was posted to You Tube, but has since been deleted because it was a violation of the site's terms of use policy.

The Quincy Herald Whig reports the video shows Cook's daughter and another girl trading punches for about 45 seconds.

At some point, the other girl yells obscenities at Jamie Cook.

Reports say the video shows Cook grabbing the girl by the hair and pushing her face in some mud.

KHQA spoke to Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard about the incident. He couldn't give a lot of information because it's an ongoing investigation.

He did say he's seen the video.

"I think there were things said on that video that might strike some people as provocative," says Jon Barnard.

Reports also say there is a lot of profanity in the video. Some male voices are heard, but not explained. Cook's daughter and the other girl were ticketed for ordinance violations. Barnard tells me this is a rather unusual case for his office, but he's treated this case just like he would any other aggravated battery.

"Any recording of any event, be it a picture, voice recording, or video that documents what occurred is obviously going to be important in helping a fact finder sort out what did happen," says Barnard.

Cook is due back in court on Wednesday, April 14th for a preliminary hearing. On a separate note, Cook is awaiting trial on a charge of endangering the life or health of a child from last year.