Quincy welcomes toy collectors

Darrell Reinwald in front of his first place farm display.

This weekend, Quincy hosted its 29th annual Mark Twain Toy Show at the Town and County Inn.

More than 50 toy vendors visited the city of Quincy to share their collections with the community.

People came to the Mark Twain toy show looking for rare models to add to their collections.

It's not actions figures or dolls they search for. They're toys that represent the rich history of America's agricultural industry.

"Those are vintage cast iron toys like thrashing machines or the tractors that were used by my grandfather or great grandfather," one attendee said.

Vendors sell or trade a mix of farm toys, pedal tractors and die cast collectibles.

David Copple says his hobby of buying and selling tractor models quickly became an obsession.

"I got pretty deep into the hobby but also you can get pretty deep if you want to financially," Copple said.

Copple says customers buy toys that represent special moments in their lives.

"Everyone who walks into my room has a story they're itching to tell. About the first tractor they learned to drive, now they want a toy to match up with what's in the machine shed," Copple said.

Some people spend up to 600 dollars on toy tractors made in the 1940s.

Darrell Reinwald who started his toy collection ten-years-ago builds animated displays.

"It starts out to be a hobby then it grows into something bigger," Reinwald said.

He won first place in this year's farm display exhibit. He says it took him five years to come up with the design for his display.

"Took different stuff from different shows that we did with the trains and tried to make them work into the toy shows as well," Reinwald said.

He says the most rewarding part of the show is seeing that kids are interested in vintage toys.

"You come to the show and you see something like kids, big kids with smiles on their faces, that takes care of the all the problems you had the night before," Reinwald said.

Proceeds from the raffle of a die cast Oliver pedal tractor will be used to support the Great River Honor Flight here in Quincy.