Quincy votes "no" on hydropower project

At Monday's Quincy city council meeting, the vote on a letter of intent to further the hydropower project at Lock and Dam 24 and 25 resulted in ending the project all together.

That means the city will no longer work with Coastal Hydropower Corporation.

Mayor Kyle Moore said the city has more pressing issues.

"We laid out the case last month that we have a lot of pressing issues. And I think it's been said a lot of times that it is revenue we are gonna see immediately, but in reality it isn't revenue we are going to see for 20 to 25 years. So the pressing issues combines our overflow repairs. Certainly the Newcomb. That's something we need to spend our time and talent on right here and right now," Mayor Moore said.

Mayor Moore says the "no" vote means the preliminary permits that Quincy has on Lock and Dam 24 and 25 will expire.

Once they expire, that is the end of the city's involvement with hydropower at those locations.

Monday's meeting also had a vote about the future of the position for Quincy Regional Airport Manager.

Jarred Hester was appointed after a couple questions about the salary. Moore said Hester will cost $53,000, as opposed to a full time manager with an assistant costing around $150,000.

The appointment was tabled about a month ago to look further into the need for the position.

Monday's vote was close with eight council members voting for Hester's appointment and six council members voting against it.

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