Quincy voters will decide on cheaper energy plan

The Quincy Council will let voters decide if they wish to be part of a plan that would provide cheaper electricity.

In order to get the issue of electrical aggregation on the November ballot by August 20th, the council waived the rules for a third reading and approved the ordinance Monday night.

Third Ward alderman Kyle Moore said that he voted against the plan, because customers already have the ability to choose cheaper electrical service right now.

"They can contact the energy companies themselves and price it out and I don't think it's our role to act on their behalf when they can bargain with the energy companies themselves," Moore said.

Alderman Moore also felt that the issue was rushed through.

Two members of the council were absent and he thought should also have gotten a chance to vote on the issue.

But Quincy Mayor John Spring is glad to see that voters will get the chance to decide if this is a service that is right for them or not.

"We wanted to get it out in a democratic way to our voting public. It will allow people in the November election to vote if they want to save money on their electrical energy," he said. "So that's really what this is all about."

Mayor Spring say now it is up to the city to explain exactly what energy aggregation is so residents can make the most informed decision when they vote in November.