Quincy University's chapel celebrates 100 years

Quincy University is celebrating 150 years in the community this year.

The University kicked off a month long celebration Saturday afternoon to start fundraising.

Quincy University celebrated its 50th anniversary by building a chapel. Fast forward 100 years, and now some parts need a little work.

"A lot of history has happened here in the chapel. We've had a lot of weddings, a lot of baptisms, a lot of different special events for students, and for the community members as well. So, this is a way we can say thank you to all of them for all of their support throughout the years, and as we kick off our fundraising events for the chapel," Matt Bergman said.

"We thought to kick it off it'd be nice to have a concert to celebrate the sacred space and to use some of the Franciscan and Christian songs that we have used over the years. To honor how holy and life-giving this space has been for countless people," Father John Doctor said.

The University is trying to raise more than $2 million. That money will go to things like a new foundation and roof work. Stained glass windows need to be repaired and art work needs to be restored.

"Plus, we want to put some money in for an endowment, so that we're not constantly trying to raise money for the chapel, throughout the years. We have money to sustain money for what we're going to work on for this year," Bergman said.

Money raised this year will go a lot farther than just the restoration.

"As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the chapel, it's also celebrating the charism, the spirit, and the life of the Franciscans, and the faculty and the staff that have empowered many, many people to see that they really are a gift and a blessing that God has put in the world that can make a difference that can have an impact on the world that we can make the world a better place," Father Doctor said.

"We need to make sure to preserve this not only for today, but for future generations," Bergman said.

There are many events on QU's campus to celebrate. The next event is Thursday at 2 p.m.

The Pursuit of Learning in Society organization will continue its Historic Quincy Churches series on the QU chapel.