Quincy University welcome weekend is good news for local businesses

The campus of Quincy University was bustling Friday with hundreds of new freshmen and returning students during the school's welcome weekend.

The QU teachers and faculty members, and let TMs be honest, probably most parents, shouldn't be the only ones glad to see the students return.

After parents and students settle in to their dorms or houses, it TMs the local restaurants that will also benefit from student presence.

Manager of the popular restaurant "The Abbey", Gabriel McClean says he loves when school is back in session, because with it brings more business from not only students, but teachers, coaches, families and friends.

"I think it's really good for the business, we're really close to the college so anytime you can add more people too your population, college kids they want to go out, they want to go out, try new things, go around town, try the good food and stuff like that, McClean said.

Ruby Koakler is a bartender at Players Bar on Fifth Street.

She says while the typical bar crowd consists of locals, having college student TMs return is also great for business.

Koakler says this is a great time for business because not only do more college students do business at the bar ... but the weather is helpful as well.

"We have a lot of things going on around here, people walk, we got the park with the park thing going on, it draws people in, the younger crowd, Koakler said.

And isn TMt just the restaurants that will see a boom in business. Local stores and shops should also reap the rewards of a full Quincy University.

Classes at the University will start this Monday, August 18.