Quincy University paves the way for new pedestrian safety

Students on Q.U.'s campus

The city of Quincy will move ahead with improvements to a street where a Quincy University student was hit by a car last month.

Council members approved a Traffic Commission recommendation Tuesday night to add crosswalk pavement markings at 20th & Chestnut Streets as well as four solar powered LED Pedestrian Warning Signs.

"I think those are real common sense applications that are definitely going to enhance, at least, the pedestrian safety in our area which was of concern," Safety and Security Director Sam Lathrop said.

The recommendations came after QU student Shannon Peter was hit by a car while crossing Chestnut St. on Jan. 7.

Lathrop says police observed that area was dimly light that night.

A recent study shows more than 450 students cross that street every day to get to and from one of the university's larger student parking lots.

The city will also increase the wattage on nearby street lamps.

"Increasing the light up in that area and the brightness certainly will help to increase visibility for pedestrians and motorists. So, I think this is a good common sense approach to making this a safer area," Lathrop said.

The university has agreed to pay for the four LED lights, at a cost just under seven thousand dollars. They're similar to the lights Blessing Hospital recently installed on Broadway. The city will install and maintain them.