Quincy University aims to keep enrollment high

QU's enrollment is just more than 1,200 students.

The enrollment numbers are in at Quincy University and they are almost identical to the numbers from last year.

So the question is, how do they stay so consistent?

We are constantly striving to move our enrollment forward to offer the Quincy University experience to more families and students," Vice President of Student Enrollment at Quincy University, Syndi Peck said.

The semester retention rate falls at 87 percent, and their yearly retention rate sits at 78 percent, making QU eight percent above the national average for annual retention.

How does QU pull it off?

The university cites experience.

"The experience is in the classroom, it's outside of the classroom, Peck said. The experience is with the relationships that they have with their faculty members that are mentoring them as well as providing instruction, and the support of the entire Quincy University community for our students."

QU's enrollment is just more than 1,200 students.

Just this week, the University launched a new program that will hopefully help in the effort to keep enrollment high.

"Yesterday in fact, we launched our Student Success Center which is a key element in our success story in student retention as well as student success," Dean for Academic Support Services, Soumitra Ghosh explained.

The program offers tutoring, career support and instruction, internship programs and opportunities to study abroad.

"We care for students individually and care for them deeply and we connect with them in the way that they want us to connect with them, Ghosh said. And we make resources available to students, we challenge students academically and we provide support."

So when the big day of graduation rolls around for QU students, the university hopes they have prepared them for success.

(Story by KHQA Multimedia Journalist Lauren Kalil.)