Quincy underground railroad house gets repaired

QUINCY, Illinois- One of Quincy's most important historical landmarks is undergoing some important renovations and repair.The Richard Eels house at 415 Jersey is famous as being a site for the underground railroad.Crews just recently complete a full tuckpointing on the house replacing the old mortar between many of the bricks.The goal is to restore the front portion of the house to the way it originally looked back in 1835.We asked tour guide and board member Con McNay why it was so important to preserve the house for future generations.He says that it's important to make sure people don't forget about the underground railroad and the days of slavery.It's also important to remember the people who sacrificed so much to end it.The tuckpointing cost about 21 thousand dollars and was paid for almost entirely through donations.There are still more work that needs to be done including repairing some wooden shutters and fixing the path leading from the sidewalk.